We can use whatever brand of paint our client prefers, our house brand is Sherwin Williams. We find Sherwin Williams products to have top-tier quality, fair pricing, and excellent warranties. The products we use from Sherwin Williams include different warranty lengths that depend on the quality score of the paint itself. As a company, we also provide our own full-coverage warranty.

Our warranties come in the following periods:

  • 3 years: This warranty covers Latitude Paint
  • 5 years: This warranty covers Duration Paint
  • 7 years: This warranty covers Emerald Paint

Note: There's 2 products below Latitude  A-100 and Super Paint we can work with this products but we don't offer any warranty.

Lifepan Paint

In Colorado, homeowners should expect to paint every 7-10 years. Depending on your color choice, current condition of your siding, and age of your home, As always, there are circumstances that would affect this time window and every home is different! To ensure and get more life in your painting we pressure wash every area to be coated to remove any dirt.  Warranties cover everything except for hail, weather-related damage, man made issues or other issues that are caused by nature.